The best Korean adult videos are made in Japan

Back in May this website published a post explaining why there is no pornography in South Korea. That piece went through the history of sex movies and their censorship in the land of the morning calm. Of course things don’t end there. There are tens of millions of Korean people around the world and 10 million South Koreans travel abroad each year. Many Koreans travel to Japan as it is nearby and full of interesting things and education and commercial opportunities. There they join the nearly one million Koreans living in Japan.

Where there are people there is sex and in this age of cameras and technology that often means at least some sex is being recorded. That is no exception in Japan where electronics are hugely popular and there is a gigantic adult video industry that even rivals the massive porn business in the United States (incidentally there quite a few ethnically Korean porn stars in the USA but they seem more American than Korean).

It should be no surprise then that the best Korean porn in the world comes from Japan. There is probably no other place where specifically Korean porn is even produced. When Korean models appear in movies in the US they always appear under the “Asian” label which is isn’t very specific at all. In the Japanese adult industry Korean actresses often appear in Korean themed movies which goes to show that there is an audience for that sort of thing far beyond the readership of this website.

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The Japanese production of these kinds of videos doesn’t necessarily make Korean porn any more easily accessible to people on its own. A huge amount of porn is released from Japan every day but most of it never makes it out of the country. Sometimes scenes or whole movies end up on tube sites but they are unorganized and often mislabeled. Thankfully some powerful people in the Japanese industry got together to solve this problem a while back and came up with sites like R18 which contain huge databases of Japanese adult video that people can view all around the world.

Availability isn’t the only issue. We already know that porn is not allowed in South Korea. In Japan there is a ton of it but is is censored due to a combination of circumstances. Genitalia are scrambled in all adult movies released in Japan but breasts, anuses and ejaculate are not. Some Japanese porn is released in uncensored form outside of Japan but it is limited. On the plus side Japanese porn directors and camera operators are so skilled that the movies can still be great with the censorship. As one industry insider from R18 put it, “Japanese porn has to be creative to overcome the stigma of having to censor its content with mosaic.” That’s especially true for the many movies staring Korean actresses. Most of these women are so hot that you almost forget that some of their naughty bits are blurred.

A huge collection of Japanese adult movies featuring Korean women can be found by searching “Korean” on the R18 website. This produces pages of great movies listed in order with clear covers and titles displayed in English. Many of the movies also come with tantalizing free previews.

One or two movies found this way are only remotely related to Korea but the majority feature Korean actresses. Movies like These Korean Girls Long To Have A Career In The Japanese Entertainment! claim to have been filmed in South Korea and even show outside scenes from Seoul to that effect, but most are shot in Japan. Women who hail from Korea rather than Japan appear in many of the films. Some of the girl next door types wear large sunglasses or even surgeon masks in hopes of obscuring their identity which makes sense considering what happened to Almond Tease.

In some of the movies performers even speak Korean or English in the movies which is funny considering that they are produced for a Japanese audience.

No matter what language they are speaking they are hot and help to prove that at least for now the hottest Korean porn in made in Japan. We can thank our lucky stars that the wonders of the internet have made the videos available to all of us around the world!

Even old school people who forever reason would rather have a hard disk to hold in their hands than a video to view on their computers aren’t left out in the cold. Japanese product specialist J-List carries a four hour long Japanese adult video DVD entitled Masturbation Study Meeting of Korean Girls that they ship internationally.


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