South Korean prostitution ring busted in Macau

Macau, along with Hong Kong, is a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China. It is famous for being the world’s largest gambling center as well as one of the world’s richest cities. A city like this is likely to draw all types of shady characters to take advantage of the bustling economy and the tourists who flock there with big wallets. This is evidenced by the latest case that the Macau Judiciary Police announced at a special press conference. They had received an anonymous tip last month that a large organized group of pimps from South Korea were taking young women from South Korea to Macau to work as prostitutes for the group. It turns out that the group of pimps were also operating social media apps to draw in prospective clients looking for sex. When the Judiciary Police received the tip; they contacted the South Korean Police and Interpol and it was later confirmed that these men were indeed prowling the streets of South Korea looking for “young and beautiful” women to take to Macau as part of their massive prostitution ring.

The spokesperson for the Judiciary Police stated that the group of pimps had at least nine vehicles referred to as “mobile aquariums” that were full of beautiful South Korean women. They would drive around the streets of Macau looking for potential clients. They would go to five-star hotels in Taipa and Nape and lure wealthy and horny men into the vehicle where they would choose their girl. The girl they chose would then go back to their hotel room with them to perform sexual services. When the women were finished, they would call the vehicle back to pick them up. The group kept the women in 11 separate apartments in Taipa and would send different groups out at a time. Some of the women would even be sent to prowl the casinos to look for men who were willing to pay them for sexual services. The first arrests occurred when police raided hotel rooms at four different high-end hotels in the Nape district and on the Cotai Strip. Sex deals with four Korean women were interrupted and the men involved were arrested. More arrests followed shortly thereafter.

It was a two-month long investigation that began in February. As is typical with prostitution arrests in countries like Korea and Japan; only the male participants were arrested. There were 18 men arrested in total. 10 of the men were from South Korea between the ages of 23 and 49. The remaining 8 members of the group were from the mainland China between the ages of 23 and 33. The Chinese men were mostly part of the group so they could offer translation services when needed. These men were said to become involved with the group when they met them and started hanging out with them in the casinos. There were up to 21 Korean women involved with the group ranging from age 24 to 37. The Korean mastermind of the group has yet to be apprehended and is the target of an international manhunt. He is believed to be hiding somewhere in South Korea.

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