Adult entertainment in South Korea in a gigantic industry generating more than 13 billion dollars annually. Supposedly prohibited by regulation there are nonetheless countless establishments and area throughout the country offering all manner of adult services.

Most foreigners visiting the country find that they are unable to patronize the majority of these shops due to discriminatory entrance requirements or a language barrier. Still there are a few shops known to accept foreigners. The establishments we know of that allow non-Koreans entry are listed here.

We work to the best of our abilities to keep this list current. We welcome all corrections, additions and tips that can help improve it. Obviously this site does not advocate that anyone break any laws anywhere, least of all when not in their home countries. This list is provided for informational purposes only.


– Massage Parlors

Cool Massage. Unseo. Open 24 hours. (More info) (Map)

Hue Massage. Unseo. Open 24 hours. (More info) (Map)

King Massage. Unseo. Open 24 hours. (More info) (Map)

Sun Massage. Unseo. Open 24 hours. (More info) (Map)



– Anma / Saunas

Ace. Gangnam. Open 12:00p-?. (More info) (Map)

– Escorts

Petit Escorts. Reservations required. (Website)

– Massage Parlors

Belle. Gangnam. Open 12:00p-12:00a. (More info) (Map)

Cool. Gangnam. Open 12:00p-12:00a. (More info) (Map)

Jinju Massage. Sinnhonhyeon. Open 9:00a-?. (More info) (Map)

Massage First. Gangnam. Open 12:00p-12:00a.

– Red Light Districts

Cheongnyangni 588. Cheongnyangni. Open 10:00p-?. (More info) (Map)

Cheonho. Cheonho. Open 10:00a-? (More info) (Map)

Hooker Hill. Itaewon. Open 12:00p-?. (More info) (Map)

Miari Texas. Gireum. Open 10:00a-? (More info) (Map)