Why there’s no porn in South Korea

The main reason that there is little to no pornography in South Korea is that the South Korean government believes that easily accessible internet is one of the major causes of sex crimes. There have been some major moves that the South Korean government has made in the past few years in an effort to

The History of Prostitution in Korea

Like anything in this world, that has a beginning as much as it has an end, the prostitution in Korea has its roots in deep history, and like in any other country, it developed side by side with the territories that covered this occupation and has past several events until it became what it is

Chic Escorts in Seoul

Chic Seoul Escorts is an established escort agency catering to foreigners in Seoul. The agency is professionally run and has been around for quite sometime. That’s not common in Seoul where agencies seem to come and go from one day to the next. Chic Escorts is managed by professionals who are fluent in English and prompt

Ace Anma in Gangnam

Ace Anma in the Gangnam section of Seoul is a full service massage and sauna that accepts foreigners. Anma’s are large establishments in Korea with a variety of facilities where customers can go to get a quality rub down and full service from attractive women. Ace is located just outside of exit 3 of the

Cool massage in Gangnam

Cool massage is a foreigner friendly massage parlor (or as it’s called in Korean “massage room”) in Gangnam located very close to Belle massage. Cool operates like Belle to some extent but there are differences. Besides from the rooms and decorations the services have a bit more variety. Customers still enter and pay their fee to a guy