588 (Oh Pal Pal) in Cheongnyangni

Cheongnyangni 588, also know by the Korean way of reading the numbers or “oh pal pal”, is a well known and rather obvious red light district in Seoul. 588 is accessed by going through exit 5 of Cheongnyangni Station, making a slight left and crossing over a side street. Cheongnyangni 588 takes up a rather

Miari Texas in Gireum

Miari Texas is one of the most well known red light districts in Seoul for Korean guys looking for a good time even if it is also one of the dingiest areas of the city. While the area certainly doesn’t cater to foreigners there are many shops in the district that will welcome non-Koreans into

South Korean sex workers fight to decriminalize prostitution

Although South Korea is home to a massive sex industry that is estimated to generate billions of US dollars annually the sale of sex remains technically illegal. A sort of strange and uneasy balance exists where shops are occasionally raided for violating the law while full service massage parlors and well-known red light districts filled

The best Korean adult videos are made in Japan

Back in May this website published a post explaining why there is no pornography in South Korea. That piece went through the history of sex movies and their censorship in the land of the morning calm. Of course things don’t end there. There are tens of millions of Korean people around the world and 10

Korean prostitutes travel to Japan in search of work

South Korea has been a hotbed for prostitution for many years. There were over 260,000 prostitutes in Korea in 2003. Those numbers started dwindling sharply when the Korean government passed their strict anti-prostitution laws in 2004 that resulted in hundreds of sex shops being forced to close their doors. The law, that is still intact