How dating sites and Apps will use augmented reality

Humans have been using all kinds of methods to meet others since the beginning of time. As the years passed by, new ways are discovered which make the process easier than the next. A perfect example has been the explosion of social media platforms. Most of the dating apps and sites integrate with programs such as Facebook to make the experience better for everyone. The past few years, a new methodology has come into play which is changing the dating process all over again.

Augmented reality is the latest mechanism being implemented into dating sites. To understand how AR works, one doesn’t need to go far or be a rocket scientist. The highly popular game Pokémon Go is a perfect example of how AR works. It is by far one of the most recognized games which are made better by using augmented reality. The technology allows computer-generated images to be superimposed on real-world situations. The result is the user getting a composite view of things. In some instances, the AR images can be objects or bits of valuable information.

Based on the success which AR provided for Pokémon GO, companies began implementing it on their dating applications. A user can download a dating AR app and start using it right away. Once they do so, they can see other people using the app. The others appear in the form of faces created via augmented reality. Individuals can pass others by as they walk down the street. Since the apps use face recognition software, the faces of members pop up as you walk by them. Each time someone using the application is nearby, an augmented reality image comes onto your phone screen. The image will contain not only the other person’s face but also pertinent info. That includes their age, sex, and name.

The best part about augmented reality apps is that they can work from wherever you are. A person can be at a bar, gym, on the train, at work or anywhere else. Every time a person you may be interested is in your area, a balloon pops up. From there, what you do next is entirely up to you. The user can click on the augmented reality image and begin interacting. That can mean texting, chatting, calling or meeting them face to face. Some compare this type of technology as being on an Easter egg hunt. But instead of eggs, you are finding other adults just like you for dating and sex. More importantly, you don’t have to guess where the individuals are hiding. In fact, their physical location is provided to you in actual time.

In case you may be worried that no one is close to where you are, there are ways around that. You can choose any area on the map or planet for the matter. This can be great in case you may want to hook up with someone who lives in another part of town. Or if that person lives somewhere, you plan to visit soon. The popularity of AR is similar to that of virtual reality. Both methods of technology are growing in use for the past few years. But virtual reality seems to be used in broader numbers as far as dating and sexually related issues are concerned. For instance, the number of people using VR technology to view adult content has been growing rapidly. Virtual reality porn is one of the fastest growing genres in the adult world.

More and more companies are adopting both AR and VR technology based on the success the adult entertainment sector is having. One issue some folks have with AR dating apps is how slow the responses sometimes come. Most end up getting too anxious and leave the application before the other person answers them. To be fair though, this often happens with regular dating sites or other apps as well. That’s because we live in a world where people want instant gratification and immediate responses.

Nonetheless, augmented reality is changing how folks meet and the entire dating game. No one would have ever imagined that innovative breakthroughs in the tech field would lead to this. What’s more, the whole process is still new which means things are bound to get better.

One significant difference between AR and VR dating apps is that the former uses real-time interactions. AR also uses interactions which are based on real life. They allow people to meet without having to be there in person. This can be wonderful for those who are hesitant about the awkwardness which comes from dating. First-time dates or meetings tend to be awkward which is why most hesitate to do it in the first place. Still, AR dating apps help break through most of that.

As more people begin to discover and use AR and VR dating apps, the process will get better. Companies will continue investing more money which will lead to discoveries. Coincidentally, that will make AR dating apps as mainstream as Netflix or the hamburger.

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