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Dating in South Korea can be a lot different from dating in other countries. To be fair, a lot of stuff is different in South Korea than it is in other countries. Sure, you’ve got stuff like K-Pop which seems familiar to anyone who has heard American pop music (mostly because that’s exactly what it is based on) and the world famous Samsung Galaxy series of phones, but when you get your feet on the ground you see that the ROK is actually it’s own little world.

Even though Koreans are probably the most traveled people on the planet they’ve got their own thing going on back at home. There are people who go abroad several times a year but would never dream of dating someone who isn’t Korean, probably in part because they don’t want to be looked down on by their compatriots. Some of the best aspects of international society can be found in South Korea, but you can find a lot of weird stuff too.

One of the weirdest things about dating in Korea is the dating clubs. Guys enter and pay to set up a table with some bottles of alcohol then a waiter gathers girls in the club and brings them around one by one until a match is made. I even know a Korean dude who found his wife this way!

Other strange aspects of dating in South Korea include group encounters in bars. Koreans don’t usually go to bars alone. And their bars usually don’t even have actual bars inside. They’re basically just restaurants that happen to sell alcohol. In these places groups of dudes come on to groups of women. So a table of three Korean guys will call on a table of three Korean girls to join them. That sucks when one of the women is really ugly but the other two are hot. It also sucks when there are more guys than girls, or more females than males. In those cases the tables usually won’t interact at all simply because the numbers don’t match.

For guys who want to get laid without delving into the world of pay for play things can be tough. That’s doubly true if the guys happen to hail from somewhere other than Korea.

Thankfully there are now a lot of dating sites including some adult dating sites focused on finding a free fuck online. In the Republic of Korea everyone and their grandma has a smart phone and virtually the whole country is wired with WiFi so using the internet can be the best way to meet other people in an otherwise cold and closed off society.

You might not be able to tell from a quick look at the masses briskly walking to and from the subway in Seoul every day but there are a lot of girls fucking in Korea. I’m not only talking about the many sex workers. Other women get horny too and they’ve got their own needs. Sure there might not be as many girls fucking girls in the Republic as there are on the Isle of Lesbos but hookups are a regular thing across the country.

The internet and sites like Fuck For Free let women find guys outside of their own social circles in privacy and comfort. For some including the many who actually are intrigued by foreign guys this can even be the main way they get in touch with guys they can go all the way with.


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