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Ladyboys in South Korea

Transgender people have been more vocal around the world in the last few years. Whatever your view, it’s pretty obvious that transgendered people are becoming more open in many societies. There are of course some transgendered people in South Korea. But it’s not common to find them unless you know where to look. The funny

Three great new Korean porn videos released in Japan

Three new Korean porn videos were released in Japan this month. All three are excellent additions to the growing library of Japanese AV that features women who are at least partially of Korean heritage. The relationship between Japan and Korea is complicated. But Japanese porn staring sexy Korean women is like a match made in

Juicy Bars in South Korea

Juicy Bars aren’t the most common form of entertainment in South Korea but they are around. Located mostly in places frequented by foreigners and seemingly aimed at those who speak English juicy bars are very similar to the “girls bars” across the water in Japan. To be more specific Juicy Bars seem to be oriented

How to access blocked websites in South Korea

There are a lot of blocked websites in South Korea. Visitors can be surprised to find that their favorite porn websites aren’t accessible from a normal computer connection when they are in the land of the morning calm. On top of that there are other websites blocked for various reasons too. Anyone who loves watching

South Korean sex workers fight to decriminalize prostitution

Although South Korea is home to a massive sex industry that is estimated to generate billions of US dollars annually the sale of sex remains technically illegal. A sort of strange and uneasy balance exists where shops are occasionally raided for violating the law while full service massage parlors and well-known red light districts filled